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  • A Few Tips for Watching

    The Flash player from Adobe updates itself all the time and Livestreams do best with the latest version of that. Please check to see that you have the latest update.


    We take breaks from time to time – so if it isn’t playing then we are on a break generally and will announce that in the chat.


    Remember that this is an advanced technology and as such, is subject to the Internet Muse. Things can/will happen – be patient, breathe, refresh the page. If your internet is slow, you may want to watch after the segment is posted instead of as it is happening.


    Remember, If you are just tuning in and watching the recorded segments, it starts at the bottom, so scroll down to the bottom to begin.


    The chat function will be on during the event and we will be watching it, in order to chat you need a Livestream account (free)


    For best results, we do not recommend iPads, Kindles or other palm/hand devices.


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